How to Use CBD for Dogs

Dear Pet Owner:

I wanted to give you a quick cheatsheet on using Cannabidiol (CBD) with dogs

There seems to be a lot of confusion around supplementing CBD.

So I want to clear the confusion here, and give you the proper information regarding dosage and overall usage when giving it to your dog.

But here’s the bottom line:

Don’t worry so much about being completely accurate with your dosage. CBD is non toxic, and you can’t hurt your dog if you give him a bit too much. Obviously do your best to follow these instructions, but don’t worry about finding a perfect dose. If you give your dog too much, it’s basically just a waste. It can’t hurt him.

For this guide, I will be referencing this amazing infographic from the website Cannabis Supplements For Pets.


As you can see, points number 1 and 2 pretty much cut right to the chase.

The dosage you give your pet will depend on the product you buy. Some CBD products are oils, where you give your dog drops, either directly in their mouth, or on their food. Other products are capsules, where you just give them a certain amount each day.

But if you buy your CBD from a reputable brand which specializes in products for dogs, then they will come with clear instructions. So simply just follow the instructions on the label. They will tell you how much to give your dog based on the particular supplement, and your pet’s size. They may also make suggestions based on your pet’s ailment.

Here’s the deal:

Just follow the instructions on the label. It’s really that easy.

Now, if you feel your dog is not getting enough, maybe because their condition is quite bad, so it’s more of a medicinal dosage rather than a dose for just calming your pup down during a loud storm, then perhaps you need to give them a bit more.

What’s also great, is that if you do order from a company who specializes in pet supplements, you can always reach out to them. Explain a bit about your dog, and tell them about their ailment. They will probably be able to give you a recommended dose that you will be confident with.

So again, to mention it more clearly:

Buy your CBD from a trusted brand that specializes in pets. Manufacturers who make CBD oils for humans won’t have the right product for your dog. If you need some product recommendations, consider visiting the informational website Cannabis Supplements For Pets.